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Why Paper Cloud Office

Running a business from home can be lonely, difficult to get motivated and let’s face it, it doesn’t look very professional. At Paper Cloud Office Gibraltar we can provide you with a desk with all the facilities of a traditional office with no running costs.

With the continual rise in the price of office space and the staggering advancements in technology, Wi-Fi and the internet, it makes little sense for small businesses, entrepreneurs and start-ups to invest in the traditional office when hot desking and office share can be achieved at a fraction of the cost. Huge savings can be made by not tying up precious capital on office furniture and overheads such as rates, Wi-Fi access, electricity and water.

Paper Cloud Office
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Paper Cloud Office

The advantages of the co working environment, in terms of networking and exposure, make working together a smart move. Collaborate with other members, share experiences and get inspiration. The small business world can make you feel isolated but spending time in a co-working atmosphere like Paper Cloud Office can change that and make you feel like part of a business community, part of a team.

Sharing, motivating and supporting is the core of a successful co-working community and making that small change to your working routine can make a big difference. A professional address and business telephone number can immediately change the perception of your company.



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Since 2001 we have been working in and around Gibraltar. We know the people very well, we know the businesses and we know who to talk to. Having published 2 well respected, successful magazines, Direct Mag and more recently the Paper Cloud Business Diary, we have accumulated a huge database of contacts and connections. If there is something you are looking for, we probably have a connection to share with you.

When we say a managed serviced office we really do mean it, we can even organise your advertising and business stationery. With our marketing, advertising and print background, if you need adverts placing or business cards and stationery printing or promotional items ask us for our special members discount.